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John Hollon

John Hollon

Passionist Reunion, July 23-25, 2004

 Coming back to, being at the Louisville monastery, was like being 2 ways in age, in time & in presence. Who are all these old guys, here-now? Looking into the eyes & hearing the voices of each old friend was like seeing and hearing each when we were twenty-something together; still surrounded by the forces of change moving through America, the Church, the Congregation, the Province. Yet still surrounded by what we've attempted, lost, achieved, found & held onto for the intervening years.

What a pleasure and a joy!

Deep regret that many old friends were not able to attend; that there was not enough time to really talk with each old friend who was here-now.

Amazement at the strength of the Passionist influence and commitment still in our lives.

I was reminded again and again how special we had been to each other; when we agreed, when we disagreed, when we had just tolerated each other.

I discovered face-to-face again that we had been, and are now, an exceptionally competent collection of talents and abilities.

Let's get together again -- not to finish the business we have with each other but to continue with it.