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"Photography is truth." (Jean-Luc Godard)

Photos capture milliseconds in time that our minds use to recall memories full of feelings.  Some may bring a smile to our faces, others, a tear to our eyes.  They allow us to create insight into who we were at that time and permit us to reflect on who we have become. Photography, indeed, is truth. 

Note, to the right, are names of people who have contributed some of these milliseconds.  Click on them to visit that time.

The number of photos people have contributed is slowly accumulating. If you have something to contribute just send me an e-mail with the photos attached or, should you find yourself technically challenged, send the originals via snail snail mail.  Let me know by e-mail that they are coming.  Once I scan them, I'll return them to you (I promise!).

Photos From of the Past
Rich Hughes

Photos From of the Past
John Hollon

Photos From of the Past
Mike Selby

Photos From of the Past
Harry Watson

Photos From of the Past
Tony Linz

Photos From of the Past
Roland Kulla

Fr. Michael Joseph Stengel

Fr. Paul M Boyle

Novices, 1964-1965

Novices, 1966-1967, Detroit

Student Body, 1966

Philosophy Club, 1967

Touch Football, 1967

Normandy, 1949