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Mike Selby

From the Past, 1966-1968

Graciously provided by Mike Selby
If you click on any of the pictures you will be taken to the actual-sized photograph.




Camp Osage at the Neosho River, 1966 Neosho River Bridge, 1966 Neosho River, 1966
Ed Schmidt, George Carson, Bernie Spaunhorst, John Monzyk John, Mike Burns, Manuel Valencia, Hank George Carson, Ed Schmidt, Mike Kassel
John, Mike Burns, Dave Damour, Ed Schmidt, Gene Ed Schmidt, Bob Yeargin, Michael Selby Phil McGoldrick
"On the Grow", St. Paul, Kansas, 1966 Dave Damour, Bernie Spaunhorst John, ?, Gene, Mike Burns, Dave Damour
Bernie Spaunhorst, Michael Selby, John, Gene, Dave Damour, Bob Yeargin, John Monzyk Bob Yeargin, John Monzyk, Bernie Spaunhorst, Gene Dan Atkins, 1966
Monastery Front Entrance, 1966 Grotto in the Garden, 1966 View from steeple of St. Francis, 1966