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Then and Now

I have attempted to add people as they have responded to my requests for information. If you are in this directory and would like to update that information, please send me an e-mail with the relevant information or click on the link below. If you are not listed and should be, likewise, click on the link below or let me know. I will secure your e-mail address and place that information on the site for all of the others to see and contact you if they desire. These were difficult and enriching times for all of us and your past and present was and is an integral part of those times. Enrich us all!

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For security's sake, the e-mail address has been encrypted. Click on the line below the name to send that person an email. If your Status Bar is on, you will see the e-mail address in the lower left-hand side of your window. The point is to keep spammers from 'harvesting' this e-mail-rich page.

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Steve Thim

Date Listed: 5/30/02 (1/15/2011)

Steve Thim

3108 Pomeroy Dr.

Louisville, KY 40220

(502) 491-9511

Bellarmine University, BA degree in Philosophy.

Lumber and building products sales for over 30 yrs. Currently working for Weyerhaeuser Co. in Louisville, KY.

Married to wife, Rita for almost 29 yrs. 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren.

My 4 years as a Passionist are still remembered as very special and unique years. It's hard to describe the experience to someone else. You just had to be there. The friendships that began there have remained strong throughout all these many years.

Al Cucchetti and I started a series of monthly "Gayla Nights" (circa '70 & '71). Anyone remember them? They were a blast!

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James Thoman

Fr. James Thoman, CP

January 19, 1948 - March 17, 2010

Jim's pictorial tribute can be viewed on the Passionist website.
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Innokenty I. Tolmachoff

Date Listed: 7/30/03

Innokenty I. Tolmachoff (Paul)

1010 Rhode Island Avenue, N.E.

Washington, DC 20018

(202) 832-1237

Bellarmine, BA; U. of Virginia M.A., Ph.D., Certificate; Georgetown U., J.D.

Wife: Willa (35 years and counting).

Emaciated Bob Padilla.

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Joe Turek


Joe Turek

1604 Saratoga

Collinsville, IL 62234

(618) 345-4060

Mother of Good Counsel Seminary - 1963-1966 Mehlville Sr. High School 1966-1967 U.S. Army - June 1969 to January 1972 - Ft. Leonard Wood, MO; Ft. Lee, VA; Ft. Hood, TX. Orders cancelled for Vietnam 3 days before I was to sign out and leave. Harris-Stowe State College 1977-1980 (B.S. Elementary Education). Missouri Air National Guard - 1981-1985.

18 years Dept of Defense; 11 years Dept of Defense contractor. Musician for 46 years: signed contract with Atlantic Records in 1975 with local St. Louis group, Mamas Pride. Two albums on Atlantic - 1975 and 1976. Left band in late 1976 to finish college. Played in Las Vegas for awhile with the Tony Rome Show.

Married to Dianne for 23 years; 3 lovely daughters with former spouse - all married, 1 granddaughter; daughters all college grads.

Always influenced by the seminary, the discipline carried over to the military, discipline in the classroom carried over into college. Miss the friendships.

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