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Then and Now

I have attempted to add people as they have responded to my requests for information. If you are in this directory and would like to update that information, please send me an e-mail with the relevant information or click on the link below. If you are not listed and should be, likewise, click on the link below or let me know. I will secure your e-mail address and place that information on the site for all of the others to see and contact you if they desire. These were difficult and enriching times for all of us and your past and present was and is an integral part of those times. Enrich us all!

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Richard Padilla

Date Listed: 6/26/03 (1/15/2011)

Richard Padilla

6288 Camino Alegre

El Paso, TX 79912

(915) 833-9673

Bellarmine, BA, 1972; Catholic Theological Union, M.Div., 1976; Ed.D. Higher Ed. Admin., University of Houston, 1988.

Passionist, Ordained 1976, Houston Retreat House, 1976-77, Casa Guadalupe, San Antonio, 1977-82. Left Passionists. Area Coordinator, Assistant Dean of Students, Associate Dean of Students 1982-88 at University of Houston, Dean of Students at U of H -Downtown, 1988-94, Vice President for Student Affairs 1994 - present, The University of Texas at El Paso

Married Mary Helen in 1985 (along with Ricky and Lisa) Received dispensation and had marriage blessed in 1996. Three grandchildren, Janie, Julia and Ricky.

I am so glad to have been contacted. Hope we can get to people from my class. Unfortunately, other than those still in the Community I have lost touch with them. Looking forward to re-establishing contact.

I would not trade a moment of the time I spent in training and as a member of the Passionist Community. "The Barn" was truly a special place that brings back many fond memories. I also was one of the fortunate few that got to live in "Grosse Pointe" the trailer that formed an annex between the Monastery and the Barn. The friends, experiences and memories from that time are still amazingly fresh in my mind. I look forward to hearing from more folks and hope to see everyone next year.

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Robert 'Bo' Padilla

Date Listed: 8/3/03 (1/15/2011)

Bob "Bo" Padilla

4705 Whispering Valley Drive

Austin, TX 78727

(512) 338-2987


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Daniel Pieper

Dan Pieper

12021 Fairway Pointe Lane

Ft. Myers, FL 33913

(239) 768-3808

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Date Listed: 8/3/03 (1/15/2011)

Charlie Phillips

3138 E. Prince Road #5

Tucson, AZ 85716

(520) 465-8652


University of Arizona, Bellarmine, St. Thomas University, Houston, TX

3 years as an Emergency Services Dispatcher (Pomona, California), 4 years as a Director of Religious Education (Florida and Houston), 3 years as a caseworker, 3 years auto leasing, several years of pizza delivery and recently as a cab driver. Start as a caseworker for a behavioral health agency in Tucson on Jan. 5th, 2004.

Two ex-wives, two bankruptcies, five children. The youngest received a scholarship to Arizona State, two are prospering through the Internet. One has been in trouble with the law and the other, like his dad, has bipolar disorder.

I have very fond memories of the guys in Louisville. Not only because of the innocence of the time and the fun we shared but because those years were my last healthy years before the bipolar disorder kicked in at the end of my senior year. It has been a different kind of spirituality ever since. In spite of this, achievements have occurred. I single-handedly caught a serial rapist. Arizona's football coach used my plays to beat UCLA in 1990, 42-0, and USC, 38-3, in 1991 when they were #1. And I healed a dove which had been run over by a car; when I prayed and touched its wing it rebuilt itself from the bottom up. The next day I attempted to heal a crippled woman but only killed a tree in the process. Oh well. During my most recent bout of depression, I kept singing "Yes, I shall arise"--after all these years, that song remains with me still.

Yeah, that is me in the football picture on the left side holding on to the another guy's shirt.

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Date Listed: 6/4/2011

Fr. Alfred Pooler, C.P.

Mater Dolorosa Retreat

700 N Sunnyside Avenue

Sierra Madre, CA 91024

(626) 355-7188

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