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Then and Now

I have attempted to add people as they have responded to my requests for information. If you are in this directory and would like to update that information, please send me an e-mail with the relevant information or click on the link below. If you are not listed and should be, likewise, click on the link below or let me know. I will secure your e-mail address and place that information on the site for all of the others to see and contact you if they desire. These were difficult and enriching times for all of us and your past and present was and is an integral part of those times. Enrich us all!

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John Randy Hoffman

Date Listed: 1/13/2011

John R. 'Randy' Hoffman

668 Hamilton Ave

Palo Alto, CA 94301

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John R Hollon
Nancy Hollon

Date Listed: 7/2/03 (1/20/2011

John R. Hollon

2 W Meadow Ln

Bedford, TX 76021

H: (817) 283-1930

C: (469) 585-6320

Bellarmine, BA, Center for the Study of the Family, Louisville, Ken., MFC

Drug Abuse Center, Louisville, Council on Drug Abuse Control, Richmond, Ithaca Alpha House Center, Ithaca, Memphis Correctional Center, Memphis, Software Labs, Euless, TX, Excel Communications, Dallas

Nancy Wachter, Cincy--Mt. Adams group. Have two sons; Mark, born 1/13/72 in Louisville, & Josh, born 1/1/73 in Richmond (w/Norbie's help). All Fantastic & Amazing, in my opinion.

Boy, what a hoot! I am soooo glad that y'se guys saved this.

Great times, great memories.

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Fr. Mike Hoolahan, C.P.

Date Listed: 6/4/2011

Fr. Mike (Aloysius) Hoolahan, C.P.

Mater Dolorosa Retreat

700 N Sunnyside Avenue

Sierra Madre, CA 91024

(626) 355-7188

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Richard Hughes Doug Nederveld

Date Listed: 5/15/2011

Richard Hughes

420 4th St. S. #509

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

(727) 368-3023

Masters from St. John Provincial Seminary, Plymouth, MI in 1982, including spring semester 1981 in the Holy Land, the Galilee, Holy Week in Jerusalem, 5 days to Mt. Sinai, studies at Tantur Institute, the road to Hebron.

I spent several years working as a Religious Education Coordinator in parishes in Texas and then Michigan. After we moved to Florida, I was a recreation activities professional in long-term nursing care facilities. I retired in 2010.

In addition, to my wonderful years among your marvelous personalities, the late Bp. Ken Untener, Saginaw, was first my graduate seminary rector, and then my bishop. He was the closest thing I have met to a "saint". And of course, there is my lover and life-companion, Doug Nederveld.

The perfume of sour mash on the Louisville summer breeze. Honeysuckle blossoms along the path down to the pool. 'Sleeping' on the roof in the summer to escape the heat. Dan Atkins and "Murder in the Cathedral". Retreats at Gethsemane and chanting the Office with the Trappists. Fr. Ryan Clancy versus the new rectory edifice. Cherokee Park at its most verdant. 'Bama' Burns on being discalced: "Toes are repugnant!" I still hear it in his accent. Zorba-type line dancing in the Barn. Opa! Who were the hearty guys who slept out on the floating dock during our winter retreat at the cottage? "Bug juice" and afternoon snacks on the back lawn at St. Paul of the Cross, Detroit. Sensitivity sessions upstairs in the barn. PDQ Bach in concert at Bellarmine.

When I left the Passionist community, I eventually moved back to Michigan, but continued my involvement with the church and the charismatic movement. That led to two years in graduate seminary for the Diocese of Saginaw at St. John's Provincial Seminary, Plymouth, MI. I attained a Masters degree but parted company with the notion of priesthood. I used my degree to get employment as a Religious Ed. Director first at a parish in Lubbock, TX and then at two parishes in Flint, MI. That is where I met and fell in love with Doug Nederveld and we have been partners now for 28 years. He had a 30+ year career in prosthetics, owning his own business in Flint. After he sold the business in the early 90s, we made the move to warmer climes and now live in St. Petersburg, FL. Since then I had work as a recreational activities professional in long term care facilities, and as a Grant Assistant for an HIV testing office supported by the CDC and Suncoast Hospice. I retired in Dec. 2010.

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