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Gregorian Chant


As the story, A Year and a Day, points out, our daily life revolved around the prayers together as a community. For more than 45 years, this plainsong of Gregorian chant has haunted me and that's a good thing. I can hear the echoes of that music all these years later.

I have assembled a few pieces with the help of my collection of music and, thanks to the Internet and Church Music Association of America, there now exists a copy of a book, the Liber Usualis (1961), for anyone to read. Both the Kyriale Romanum for 1961 and 2001 are available as well

This was our musical bible. It told us how to sing, what to sing, and when to sing. Its 2,340+ pages are replete with plainsong chant for any occasion in the liturgical year.

I have taken the images of that music (with a little graphical prerogative) and overlaid it with the audio, hopefully not in violation of anyone's copyrights. To the right, you will find about 40 links to those that I have completed.  If you go to my YouTube channel, http://youtuve.com/sgeorgeaz, you'll find all 200 pieces.

There is a great source of memories within this music.  Listen to some of them and the music will evoke those memories. 




1 (1961) Liber Usualis. Canons Regular of St. John Cantius. Liber Usualis. Sancta Missa. [Online] 2010.

2 (1961b) Kyriale Romanum. Canons Regular of St. John Cantius. Liber Usualis. Sancta Missa. [Online] 2011.

3 (2001) Kyriale Romanum. Canons Regular of St. John Cantius. Liber Usualis. Sancta Missa. [Online] 2011.

4 If you are using a Smartphone or iPad, you may difficulty viewing some of these pieces for reason of copyright blocking.


YouTube Channel

Marian Hymns

Ave Maria

Ave Maris Stella

Regina Caeli

Salve Regina
(Simple Tone)

Salve Regina
(Solemn Tone)

Ave Regina Caelorum
(Simple Tone)

Ave Regina Caelorum
(Solemn Tone)

Alma Redemptoris Mater
(Simple Tone)

Alma Redemptoris Mater
(Solemn Tone)

The Ordinaries

Kyrie I
(Lux et Origo)

Kyrie IV

Kyrie IX
(Cum Jubilo)

Kyrie XIV
(Jesu Redemptor)

Gloria II

Gloria IV

Gloria IX
(Cum Jubilo)

Gloria X

Credo I

Credo III

Sanctus I

Sanctus III
(Deus Sempiterne)

Sanctus IX
(Cum Jubilo)

Sanctus XIV
(Jesu Redemptor)

Agnus Dei I

Agnus Dei IX
(Cum Jubilo)

Missa de Angelis

Kyrie VIII

Gloria VIII

Sanctus VIII

Agnus Dei VIII


Hodie, Christus natus est

Puer Natus Est Nobis

Deus, Deus Meus
(Palm Sunday)

Hosanna Filio David
(Palm Sunday)

Quomodo Sedet Solo
(Holy Thursday, Matins)

Ubi Caritas
(Holy Thursday)

Domine Jesus
(Holy Thursday)

Ecce Vidimus Eum
(Holy Thursday)

Jubilate Deo

Pange Lingua
(Corpus Christi)

Gloria Laus
(Christ the King)

Veni Creator Spiritus

Mass for the Dead

Requiem Aeternam



Agnus Dei

Dies Irae

Absolve, Domine

Libera me, Domine

In Paradisum



Brochure, ca. 1960


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