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Recruiting Brochure, ca. 1960

Recruiting Brochure, ca. 1960

Some of you may be familiar with the graphic on the left. The 9" x 12" edition may have been responsible for bringing you into the Passionist fold. Rich Hughes was good enough to send me an original copy which I have scanned and incorporated below. For the time of its publication, it was a useful tool for anyone contemplating such a career decision.  It captured entry, profession, student life, ordination, and ministry in a photographic story and text.  When I saw the photo of the procession out of the chapel in Warrenton with the altar and backdrop in the background, I caught my breath.  I had forgotten how breathtakingly simple yet awe-inspiring that sight was.  I had forgotten that more than 50 years ago I had taken its prayerful silence for granted.  My two years at Mother of Good Counsel came flooding back to me.

For that reason I include the entire brochure here.  You will see faces that you recognize–maybe even your own.  Most likely you'll stop for a moment as I did.  I wanted–for ever so short a time–what this brochure claimed.  I wanted the peacefulness, the prayerfulness, the happiness, and the same dreams that emanate from the men on these pages.  Peruse and say a prayer for the many people in this brochure that they found what it so vividly portrays.


Below you see thumbnails of the photos. Click on them for the full-resolution image.

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