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Warrenton, Missouri

Mother of Good Counsel

Mother of Good Counsel

Through the efforts of Charlie Koch (Child Evangelism Fellowship), Steve Thim, and Fr. John Schork, we have three aerial photos of Our Mother of Good Counsel Preparatory Seminary (although, it goes by a different name today). These photos were taken May 8, 2009 by Bill Heuer.



Below you see thumbnails of the photos. Click on them for the full-resolution image.

Looking SSE at 5:55 am, May 8, 2009 (Bill Heuer) Looking SSE at 5:55 am, May 8, 2009 (Bill Heuer) Look NNW at 5:47 am, May 8, 2009. (Bill Heuer)
Looking SSE (5:55 am) Looking SSE (5:55 am) Looking NNW (5:47 am)

In a note to Steve Thim, Charlie Koch says,

"The Lodge to the right with the small bit of red roof is new and the lake behind it is also new. It was less expensive for me to dig a lake then to pay for the fill to landscape around the new Lodge. As you can remember this area has quite a slope. I used the diggings from the new lake to fill and landscape. We added a new Mail Box Club and print shop (10,000 sq. ft.) behind the warehouse. Can you find this beautiful building? Also, a new addition to the cafeteria, covered the old parking lot and renovated the kitchen. You will have to look hard for this. Also, all new windows (720) and all outside surfaces repaired and re-coated with a 20 year coating. New roads, new RV park and the International Entrance (large circle in front of main building), Look for the seven flag poles."

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